Saturday, April 9, 2011

Mera Kuch Samaan Tumhare Paas Pada Hai......

Mera Kuch Saamaan Tumhare Paas Pada Hai
Saavan Ke Kuch Bheege Bheege Din Rakhe Hain
Aur Mere Ik Khat Main Lipti Raat Padi Hai
Vo Raat Bhulaa Do, Mera Vo Saamaan Lauta Do
Mera Kuch Saamaan Tumhaare Paas Pada Hai

Patjhad Hai Kcuh ... Hai Na ?
Patjhas Main Kuch Patton Ke Girne Kee Aahat
Kaanon Main Ek Baar Pahan Ke Laut Aai Thee
Patajhad Kee Vo Saakh Abhi Tak Kaanp Rahi Hai
Vo Saakh Gira Do, Mera Vo Saamaan Lauta Do
Ek Akeli Chhataree Main Jab Aadhe Aadhe Bheeg Rahe The
Aadhe Sookhe Aadhe Geele, Sukha To Main Le Aaye Thee
Geela Man Shayad Bistar Ke Paas Pada Ho
Vo Bhijwa Do, Mera Vo Saamaan Lauta Do

Ek So Sola Chaand Ki Ratain Ek Tumhare Kaandhe Ka Til
Geeli Mahendi Ki Khushbu, Jhoot Mooth Ke Shikwe Kuch
Jhooth Mooth Ke Wade Sab Yaad Karaa Do
Sab Bhijwa Do, Mera Vo Saamaan Lauta Do

Ek Ijaazat De Do Bas, Jab Isako Dafanaaungee
Main Bhi Vaheen So Jaungee
Main Bhi Vaheen So Jaungee

Thursday, April 7, 2011


And This is how I bid you farewell…..

Mar jawaan, mar jawaan,
Tere ishq pe mar jawaan,
Mar jawaan, mar jawaan,
Tere ishq pe mar jawaan,
Bheege bheege sapno ka jaise khat hai,
Geeli geeli chahat ki jaise lat hai,
Mar jawaan, mar jawaan,
Tere ishq pe mar jawaan,
Mar jawaan, mar jawaan,
Tere ishq pe mar jawaan…
Soche dil ki aisa kaash ho,
Tujhko ek nazar meri talash ho,
Jaise khwab hai ankhon mein basse meri,
Waise needon pe silvate pade teri,
Bheege bheege armaano ki rahad hai,
Geeli geeli khwahish bhi to behad hai,
Mar jawaan, mar jawaan,
Tere ishq pe mar jawaan,
Mar jawaan, mar jawaan,
Tere ishq pe mar jawaan..
mar jawaan..hoo…

With dreams in my eyes, I cast a spell on myself.. I am entangled in my own magic.. in my own created world…. and I walk off with a last clutch on straws......

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Tattered Man Again……

Ok It’s the Anna Hazare this time, stepping into the wooden sandals of The Mahatma. Coming after what must have been an age now, we at last have a light showing on our way. He is as much silent as Gandhi had been in his age, and as effective… Comparing him to Gandhi at this point of time can be dangerous, as there are still a few who fail to understand his strength. Well, if nothing else, they both have the strength to spue fires against injustice. I salute the spirit of Anna Hazare.

I don't know what I am going to write, but I am surrounded by Anna Hazare fumes, overwhelming me.. And I have to pen down something to share with you....

A man with no possessions at all, living in a temple, a solitary single life, and burdening himself for the good of public good… A selfless saintly affection for everyone he can think of as a sufferer. My words are actually falling short against this larger than life personality…The only thing we can do is, shoulder our own responsibility with him and Jump into the battle of anti-exploitation. There is too much power in this single man with a soul cast of iron.. and stuffed with sensitive heart with a fitting space for everyone in his country…

What I have been wondering as I left my work place was, is it not trivial that we should be so completely engrossed in minting money, and doing superfluous things which are going to do no good to humanity? Concerned about the appraisal much more than where we are being driven. It is more like people fighting for the last munches on a ship with its deck on fire. I really can’t see sanity in being circumscribed to the desk. I have been living a common life very religiously for past 1.5 years now. But my heart still sails off to find a better destination for my free spirit. Doing something outrageous to incite a thrill in my soul as much as in my body.

And what I am sure of is that with one call from this one entity, there will be unanimous echoes from my friends, not only in Delhi, but living all across India. I am sure of freaking in any peril that comes my way from the rotten politicians, their fetid rules, perfidious statements and attitudes which assault you with their stench.

Youth is verily enough to destroy him/her self to a whim. And if Hazare was actually to beckon us for action, it was to be our fate. We all would smilingly die a thousand times for this fatal attraction.