Sunday, January 16, 2011

You Will Miss Me, Finding Me Walking Alone

I will wait, till you sing me far to the gale.
I am not yours, cz you can’t claim.
There are feelings that are lost in life’s hail
Yes you will miss me again.

Waiting for the phone to blink for you
Waiting for the call to call upon you.
When there will be no other way out of the day
You will sing to yourself
‘Come come to me again’
To find me no where around you
You will remember my tears gone in vain...
You will miss me for once to be by your side
Just once, just for once again.

There will be nights without me, to serve you with pain
To feel what i feel, when you leave me, that you are not game.
There will be times, when you will feel this severe pain.
Wait on me never to come again.
With my dreamy eyes to
find you love and a world for you again....
I promise you, you will miss me and I will not be there to sooth your pain.
And who knows, never to see me again.