Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Breaking Through

Might you try to push me in History,
With your thumping attacks.
Might you try to subdue my solo singing,
with your ear cracking harangue.
I shall answer you, with your due.
I shall counter and combat you.

Are you trying to dissever me?
Break me apart?
To get the flux of blood, through my heart?
Do you want to see me weak?
And crying on my feet?
I shall laugh at you!
And dance on the solemn tune, of the duce!

I am the stubble,
You can not uproot.
I am the air,
You can not pollute.
And if you dare,
I shall get into your lungs,
Miserably you will be flunked.

I am the blessing,
I can be a curse.
You want to see me averse?

I am not a flesh amongst scavengers.
I won’t be a victim of fanatic blunders.

I have a force of youth,
Bulging up in me.
Once unleashed,
You will not be able to trace your feet.
Your tools shall dither,
Your existence shall wither!


  1. a very good poetry..it shows ur confidence..

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  2. thanx kiran... thanx for giving me the "mileage"