Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Preview to the Readers of Joseph Heller’s Catch 22

The god is dead, and the world has lost its meaning. People are going frantic, and the circulation in their talks and action represents a static state of mind. Words can be read as devoid of the basic ingredients ‘meaning’. These words are a state of mind, what they are living. Yossarian has inherited the loss to have his soul berserk. Catch 22 revolves around Joseph Heller’s truth. The truth that was shared by all the people around him during the period of world war in 18th century. When actions and meaning have reduced to the level of nothingness. A non conformism to the theory of life and spirit, spirituality and dignity. He chooses to call this novella a ‘polymesmeric novel that no one can ever forget’. An obvious excitement would be with the question “Why can’t it be forgotten?”. Well, because it chooses to touch the deeper meaning of life, which was subdued under the bombardments and the clashes of swords! At any other time, Mesmeric would mean something positive. I am still reading the novel. It’s an experience to read and live the meaningless, purposelessness and sheer negation of sense. When the only reason behind the action and words is the ‘Waiting”. What defines waiting ? “Different meaning shall come out of different psyche. Gosh!! There is so much to drill into.

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  1. I was talking about Catch-22 with someone this morning, and I remember it had the word 'polymesmeric' on the cover. Wondering what was meant by it, I found myself here. A strange and memorable word that I haven't seen elsewhere, or before, or since.

    Ah, well. Having decided it means nothing, or perhaps even anything I'd like it to mean, I can go back to sleep :-)