Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is Everything That Straight?

Can you think when was the last time, when you found solace with a companion of your sex? Bear that moment in your mind while vouching to read further.

We often come across terms like transgender, transman, transwoman, Polysexuality, omnisexuality, polysexuality, third gender people, two-spirit people, gender queer, transvestite et la! Do we actually understand what is it all guided by? In the boulevard of love stories, bush is not so green today. Men are no more men, and women no better fit in the frame of their sexuality. Turning your back to each other, you are pouting an affronted emotion, or complaining about a piqued ego. Has it not been enough for your while?

Think when did you last complain about your bad relation. (just to make sure that the soil is moist enough to sow this fresh variety of seed). Is it not more or less about worth?

I believe, what we are looking for in life is 'value'. People of dysfunctional families develop this sexual complexity, as they see the shredding of reason behind marriage and the pointless clinging to the love theories long cherished. The bottom-line is, they have realised that there was no Cinderella. And who knows if the other facts, long learned and adhered to, are serious enough? When even Cinderella wasn't, which they believed in through their childhood.

They have seen, in a dysfunctional mechanism, the coupling didn’t work. And you cannot physically relate to a gender, that you can not trust. And you start seeking satisfaction with someone from your gender, who feels his/her own emotions just as clearly, or roughly as you do. And you strip the gender holding you back. Sexual act is just the last cement to fix your new identity in a new life.

Here I am badly reminded of the Highway Stripper by A.K Ramanujan. I request you to step afore from voyeurism and decode the hidden aspect of it. A women stripping off her gender, just at a time when she is high on a highway! She is probably driving with that sense of freedom which often comes with a power over the steering wheel.

One last time, just think of the time, when you flinched at the idea of commitment in a relationship. Just a little mellowed form of transsexuality, where you are unable to completely accept that opposite sex? Commitment phobia is just a swerve of freedom. Freedom of what? Somewhere deep under, it is the fear of being defined under one sexuality.

This is something, which can probably just be felt and understood by writers, who have the patience to step into someone’s shoe.

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