Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Two Hours Of Resurrection

Go back to the diary..
Go back to that dusty library...
Sip coffee once more..
Drink the writings once more..
Chew on the ideas
Romance the feeling of words
Give me back my world, in two pennies of those two hours.

I can’t word
Give me a word mask to resurrect
Athirst for thoughts
Famished for food to brain.
Long lost the nights, to unfinished stories of dreams.
Long lost the meals of sentences to the morsel of words.
Lost plateful books to empty shelves of years
Living with minimum, I scribble sharp poems
Instead of the couches of essays.
Where a few disjoint and lost words come together
to deliver a gesture.
Far forsaken by lengths of expression
Of the writing.

I was a dream
Now a reality
Soon to elapse as memory.

Lost my metaphors somewhere
Standing in a lacuna today
I walk a step and breathe heavy today...
Just wrapping up a debilitating unfinished story ...

I would generate memoir of the past two years
Smelling the yellowing pages in these two hours
That doused before I could have realised.

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  1. Very well written....brings out the angst of a writer in transition!

  2. This reminded me of Atwood's "This is a Photograph of Me" . . .Well crafted...There is nothing like going back to old dusty books....

  3. very good post with poem....

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    ALL THE BEST.....

  4. oh lovely..i love the writing style..i see myself writing such poems lovely :D

  5. lovely .....all the best for the contest.

  6. thanks a lot wandering soul, Chitra, Annirudh & shweatha :) glad u all liked it... :)

  7. as usual superb... no word to describe this.. keep going avantika.....

  8. Absolutely empathized...loved it ......God bless you and All the best...

  9. Thanks a lot Krishnan and Sonam :) keep visiting :)

  10. Lovely poem remindful of the just "Good time" :) Aye Zindagi!

  11. Thanks Beggars Can Be Choosers, and Ranting Indian

  12. Immortal verses... you craft magic through your words...
    "I was a dream
    Now a reality
    Soon to elapse as memory." the pictures are beautiful... Can't help reading this poem over and over again... your words touch my heart-strings...
    Are you too a literature student? You have the finesse and beauty to see things that way... Romantic writing... I am in love! following you :)

  13. "Living with minimum, I scribble sharp poems
    Instead of the couches of essays."

    what a beautiful penning. Very rightly said.

  14. @Anukriti Just the way i love your work.. amazing one I MUST say. Started following u too lately. And yes, I am also a post graduate in English Literature...that's where the sheen of romance is coming in our writings i suppose :) we really don't need wands, we have been trained in witchcraft with pen... keep writing, would love to absorb as much of your writing as I get.. keep visiting my blog too ... and of course wish you best of luck for the contest. :)

  15. @Manu thanks a ton. :) wish u too luck for the contest :)

  16. Very lovely and heart warming poetry... good luck

  17. Awesome written..!!
    "I was a dream,
    Now a reality,
    Soon to elapse as memory."
    Really Gr8 philosophy behind these word.
    Gud luck 4 contest.

  18. Thanks a lot specs buffy, Farila and Humblebhupendra.. :) m honoured :)

  19. thats some beautiful penning..loved the poem..i came back again to read your words..
    and here s my take - http://zradar.wordpress.com/2011/11/17/we-learn-with-time-and-burn-the-same/
    drop in when time permits

  20. nice post. all the best for contest