Tuesday, December 18, 2012

May Worse Than One Can Imagine Fall On You

How I wish something better had 'inspired' me to write, instead of this sheer provocation. We are still sleeping on the soft, cushioned, and flabby pillows, happily shutting our eyes against all the vicious acts happening around. We give and accept statements, laud and hoot eachother’s voices. And how nicely we do it. Elated by the performance, happy to have proved our brainpower . The charade is over in a day or two. And we are back to our tables. Brooding, how to churn out chunks of money, what to buy for today, and sell out for tomorrow.

Ironically, the brainpower is limited to the chatrooms, parliament discussion, in the pages of newspaper, twitter, facebook (if not found offensive to anyone) and the media discussion grounds of course. The intellectuals are on a mental work out till they vitiate all their energy. Their ideas fail to feet on the ground. And the brainpower is exhausted, leaving no scope of acting on the brilliant ideas and suggestion, which could have made a huge difference. We are exhausted miles behind the effective decision taking.

We are here again. The black deed is done. the girl dies there, in the darkness with the echoes of loud noise from discussions. 

When will this rising din of revolt touch the future of girls? And save them from the dark shadow always lurking behind them? Can anyone in this country save the girls from a traumatic today and a scary tomorrow, that has already scarred not just a few, but whole of their sex? 

Is there even a single girl, who can stand up and announce she has not been through some sort of sexual harassment? We are a shame and a disgrace to humanity,  till we can save and rescue each girl from such fate. 

As for the case, I would like to quote my lovely friend- Bitch Slap's golden words, moulded by a heavy & hot iron “If any of the rapists are reading this, Yo Bitch Go cut your dick and stuff it in your fucking mouth!!” I believe she did what no one could do. 


  1. Dedicated to all "BASTARDS" those who are involved in such kind of shameful acts....

  2. IT brings so much anger i tell you

  3. @ani_aset I know..and the worst thing is that everyone will forget about it in a few days.. and nothing will be done :(

  4. Hi Avantika,

    My first visit to your blog. I totally agree with the views you have expressed in this post. May God bless this land of India with some common sense and intelligence. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Keep up the good work



  5. The angst is justified. Please continue with your writing (a suggestion from a co-blogger). Can see that your blog deserves more from you (just 3 posts this year)

  6. @Ritesh Thanks a lot for the encouragement ... @Jay Singh Thanks to u too...checked ur blog, and loved it..