Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sinfully Perfect

Pressure points drilling in. 
Pressure always makes me sin.
Sinfully perfect in every way.
Sinfully perfect in my own despair.

drinking the flames

Pass through the fire
Spewing a raptures inferno –
from within.
fire howls atop ma pale skin. 

I see it within your glistening pools
that sinful desire – ignited, needed.
Press it again – make me sin
ride this fire deep within.

Growling further into my own despair
Diving headlong into my own hell –
divine hands couldn’t save me now.
Pressure always makes me sin.

Let crimson flames roar.
Let my sin – make you sin.
Ride this fire deep within – await
the rapturous inferno when I’m within.

Sinfully perfect in every way,
I’d not ask for it any other way.
Pressure always makes me sin,
and I beg you now - press it again.