Friday, May 30, 2014

To Err Is To Be Human, But to Arr..

To err! To err! To err! To err is human. To err and wrong is to be human. You wronged me, and I wronged you. And we acted human. Does not change the good deeds that you did to me. Does not change the good you intend right now. And I can not hate you for long. As, I know, to err is human. I am around friends who have erred a hundred times, and a sister who has erred a thousand times. And myself, who has erred a million times. Not that my sins of erring are greater than their’s. More you know someone, faster your err count rises. I know my friends. I know my sister better, and I know myself even better. I am not pointing at the times, they erred when I wasn't around. None of us thinks of it. And the errs you did, do not cloud the space between us. Because on a subtle layer of our mind, we know, we err, and live for good.

How can we expect perfection, when people wrong themselves. That too normally, and commonly. Over and over, they wrong themselves, but some of them turn into a sack of regret. They regret and turn bitter, because they fail to forgive even their own selves. They can never forgive your erring. They love perfection, and they don’t have a space for their own happiness. Forget they will understand, that you have the nature bestowed authority to ERR, for you were created as human. Don’t break your divinity for them. ANd the rest of the people, don not even notice that they err. They are devoid of sight, and cannot hold to relations for longer. Just like they can't hold anymore space here, on my blog. Someday, when your image of perfect is cracked, might be the right time to look back into this blog. 

People make follies, and they live with it. Imagine erring on your wedding alliance, and ending up being in a bad marriage. Or taking up a wrong job, and living with it for the rest of the life. The turmoil of your daily chore is like the pains of giving birth to a demon’s child, each new day. There are follies foiling people everyday. Each day, someone is shot down by the erring process. You and I, we both know people who erred, and are living with their folly.

But it is not about them. It is about you and me, face to face. I know you wronged me, but that doesn't change the good behaviour we shook like handsome hands. Or the intentions we hold for each other, for that matter. There are times we wrong each other, we bitch, we abuse, turn our backs against each other. We wrong it all! But all the good things remain there, no?

But some people don’t just make mistakes. They live it, feel it, and paint a world with it. As a sensible mind, I can never have a place for such wrong intentions. They Arr, as pirates, unlike us, who err as humans.

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