Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Welcome To The World Of Hypocrisy

I remember sometime back, my bosom friend telling me, “you have made peace with the world”. I was happy to hear that. Because I believe in her knowledge of me. Here I am, after of that fine day. And now I realise, that was a time when I was going through a writer’s block. Not just an incapacity to write, but that was a time when I was mentally dormant. Me, simplified. 

World pressing itself against me, and all my faculties are surging back in a revolt and revulsion. We live in a world of hypocrisy. Which essential means, that there is a trench of difference between what we preach and practice. We claim ourselves to be what we appreciate, but have no intention of changing into that. And I fail to understand the reason why we shroud around such hypocrisies. People feel warm in this woollen, coarse blanket of hypocrisy. They are warm and welcoming to imbecile minds, with their two tier standards.

Once again I am disillusioned, and zoned out from this ‘civil society’ of ours.  I am shrinking from the idea of being normal and one among the crowd. People cook hypocrisy, love to top it with formality and respect, and serve it as old and rotten as it is. No, you don’t need to be 50 year old, to face hypocrisy. It is right there in front of you. If you are a humanities students, you will know you are dumb. You can ask your relatives, and they will happily tell you how big a looser you are, for you opted for humanities. Then no matter how many times you shout that it was your choice. Your conscious decision. All you can do is to wait for time to be history, to do the talking for you. No, the irony is not just with humanities students. If you are a science student, you just have a different frame, but definitely, you are framed. Science students cannot have a heart, and humanities students cannot have a brain. Could I only offer them a piece of brain. Sigh.

If you are on the threshold of 30 years, and pursuing your career goal, instead of entering into a wedlock, you will be tirelessly shown a thousand couples with kids and talk about it as an achievement against all the effort you invested in doing something constructive. And if you are a woman aspiring for something higher, porepare yourself for even worse a situation. You will be told that it is because you have no hopes from your future, and you are wasting yourself. Practically, you are loosing the chance of hooking a handsome guy to you. And if you do have someone in life, you are damn so good at hunting down the net and entrapping good options. Underscore, you are born with crooked instincts, and you have to live under restrictions to live a well regulated life. Sometimes I think, if I sluice people who so religiously practice hypocrisy, will they ooze blood, or a filthy slime ?

You grow up, and find out that it is good enough to sleep with a stranger in an arranged marriage (for both, girls and boys), but it is a matter of shame if you love someone. And if you find someone and your families do reluctantly acquiesce, you are bound to live under the stipulations of their culture, their experiences and their hypocritical believes. A place where for no good reason, a family thinks too great of itself while marrying away a son, and that same family is low to the ground, when it has to settle his sister, or say its daughter. They accept inferiority, just as they believe in their divine power of owning a son. Here, a morsel for your famished thoughtless brain, yet to evolve as a mind.

Here, people swear like a pig, feel like a bull and act like a mice. Claim to read a thousand books, and cling on to the hypocrisies as a reluctant accomplice to the practice. 

I am all glad to be here. A place where I am a thing to be seen at. Where all my acts are taken with a grain of salt.  I am a badass social critic, because I am a student of literature, which shows you how to think. And has better logics than you have in your fact science and commerce books. 


  1. Brilliant...angry and straight faced..great post..and an amazing quotation at the beginning

  2. I am impressed, not with your writing but with your ability to vent beautifully through words. The only thing I can say is that Hypocrisy or Greed or Malice of any kind shouldn't bother you so much. There is only way to exist in this world, i.e. co-existence. You will always be surrounded by a lot of negatives, the wrong thing to do will always be the easier option, the truth will always leave a bad taste and things you adore will seem the most distant. The real challenge lies in rising above the pessimism that crowds your life and surrounds you. Bitterness overwhelms more when you have expectations. The World chooses to move on no matter what happens, Time stops for no one and Luck plays its own games - you too should learn how to live for what makes sense to you...anything and everything else shouldn't matter.

    "Roteyy huay aatey hai sab, Sadteyy huay jeetey hai sab parr Hastaa huaa jo jayegaa, woh hee Mukaddar ka Sikander kehlayega..."

  3. @thanks wanderingsoul :) I am glad u liked it...

    @ak check ur own status first :P

  4. A very effective cry against hypocrisy and injustice. We each have to find our own light in the darkness, but pieces like this can open some eyes.

  5. Thanks Cheryl. Just one attempt to help people open their eyes and stop acting like programmed computer chips.