Monday, October 19, 2015

Turning Back to That Time And Staring Meaningfully at It

I went to my college a few days back. And what I found there this time, about 10 years later is something that I never spotted back in that time. It was hope, possibility and a huge canvas yet to be painted.

When we enter into college, everyone tells us how crucial this time is. How this is going to be the decisive 3 years for our lives. How we can mould or crash the mud ware being chiselled. But there is one thing that no one at all tells us. No one tells us about the mammoth possibility we can unhinge into. There is hope, there is life and this real life is actually beckoning you. No matter if you don’t grade high, it is not going to snatch away the options that this world has to offer. And even if you do your grad in a wrong subject, it does not spell the end of your life. Play around with your wishes, & your whims and they will definitely drive you somewhere. At place where you are sure to win. And even if you don’t, it doesn’t hurt you to accept your failure. Follow your heart, and you will be at peace with yourself. For at least you did, what you always wanted to do. Following your heart, you never sink. You definitely float, if you don’t swim.

We are constantly told about the future that lurks. That is ready to pounce on us with it crumbling pressure. And most of us try to live it before the sun sets, and this, in all weird ways. Among all this, what we miss is the real life. Our heart’s music, voice-overed by fearful warnings, threats, competition and a constant pressure.  

Explore yourself. Know how your heart swings. And move with its vacillations. You can always make your life what you want it to be. Be yourself, stop pretending, stop following what is cool. And stop calling yourself a rebel by the prescribed syllabus of “coolness” .  Live your life, all the possibilities call you.

And if you do not believe this, go and read the stories about real people, and how they became what they did. They just followed their heart, and so should all of us.

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