Friday, September 3, 2010

Dhadkan ko Awaz Banade

‘Dhandkan ko awaz bana de smoking smoking nikle re dhuaaa…..’
1,2,3,4,666666 . The significance of six, coming after the number “4”.. Well Anurag Kashap is quite meaningful with his loss. Anurang Kashay lovers must have caught it by now. It’s the long time longing to release his movie ‘Panch’, still waiting to get approved by the censor board (till December 2009). This Oxymoronic director has spilled out many award winning and controversial movies like “Black Friday”, “Gulaal”, and the memorable “Dev D”. A piqued Anurag finds words in the loss of his words and he meaningfully turns to ‘Dhandkan ko awaz bana de smoking smoking nikle re dhuaaa”.

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