Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Page 221 of my Autobiography

Things haven’t changed much. I am still standing there, and life seems to be running on the tracks of train. Finding out what I am, or particularly which corner of the universe I have come from, has transformed everything inside me, to the very outer appearance. Something inside me has gone under a sea change. To express it in the right feeling, it is like sitting in the compartment of an express, running blind towards somewhere. As a sedate person, I haven’t done much. Not moved 'a muscle' as they say. But a running train has carried me somewhere far. Yes. Somewhere far. Something transformed inside me. I am on a new plane today. Feeling is fresh, with the same me inside….

Driving on the wheels of aspirations, I aspire, I fail at times, and gear up all afresh, to start again and get something to my heart’s content. I haven’t hired a life. I am living it of my own. Working out something that is in my grain. I am unaffected by the bureaucracies of a tainted life!


  1. I guess more to write for, many a things yet waiting for their chance to get explored and written off...! A good amalgam of posts.

  2. i didn't want to confine my writing in a niche.. Ur comment does a great help to my idea..thanx for ur view on it...!

  3. Very well written. Nice use of the words