Friday, February 18, 2011

Murder in the Capacity of a Switchblade

When you murdered me
My blood was white.
My blood was bleached long back in childhood.
My spirit said no to any new colour.
And I survived colourless.

When you murdered me in the capacity of a switchblade
I didn’t shout. I was busy observing your gingerly efforts
You didn't know I had a white blood?
Till you aimed Forty one cuts in me
Did you?

It’s a long story that worked to bleach me white.
When you crushed me, I still smelt fragrance.
Which assaulted your nose in disdain.
I had dreams in my eyes,
And an urge to fly
To express dance
To caper in energies of bubbles of laughter.

I was celebrating silence when you came to blade me.
You tampered with my brain,
And managed to snap me in forty one attempts.
Blood sluiced out in white.
I remember your expression.
There was pain on your face,
And were grumbling something about your pain
And I smiled
And I had an independence waiting on me to beat about.

I have realized
You could never
touch me.
I could still smile…
And I can’t stop laughing
It took you forty one aims!
I was a tough nut to crack.

There are mysteries in me..
When you murdered me
My blood was white.
And your face was just as white..


  1. Dark poem... :P But. Lovely... :D

  2. Your blog has got an award from me... look at

  3. Brilliantly written....loved your dark milky flight of fancy!!

  4. wow.. thanx for the award Rachit..I must say it felt really good.... :)

  5. Thanx dear Wondering Soul.. ;) thanx for lurking around my blog ....:D

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  7. Thanx Akshita for thy greatest of all verses, ... ;)

  8. well written...who's the butcher?

  9. well, all i can say is..since I am dead, no point in De-engraving the story... :)

  10. well... i loved it!!! simple yet intriguing... its one of ur best till nw :)

  11. Thanx for bringing a twinkle in my eye Harry :)

  12. Sullenly Murky..but liked write good:)

  13. it totally depends on my mood.. which was certainly not very good at that point.. and thanx for liking it..