Friday, February 18, 2011

Night Time Crash

It is a night time crash. I feel someone has just crashed in me. And I can not close my eyes...someone has just crashed in me. There are heights to be aimed, and a lot to be done.. and the flaring heat inside me, keeps my eyes wide open, as if tiredness, or sleep never touched me… there is something heavy on my eye lids. A stupor inside? I try to lull into sleep.. I slowly bring my eyes to a close... and in another accountable moment, I throw my eyes wide open. And something inside says.. you can’t sleep.

There is a sprite building up, and a tired body can not support it even by collecting all strength. A crash building up inside me…with a sense that time has left me behind...


  1. then open your eyes to a new morning, let d sun rays penetrate deep inside your soul, let your face get d warmth of a kiss, bring yourself out from the dark :)

  2. oh ho.. thanx for the positive thought.. ;) just a tinny mini prob.. what if it is still dark out side? :P