Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An Ode To Harry

I didn’t believe in a die hard friendship, with a note of thanks to my horrendous experiences with girls at least. So, I never had a true friend. But as I take a look back in life, I understand, I always made false choices. And its there that I can find a base for my no-friend attitude resting.

As I see my life moving today, I find that there is a constant spring absorbing stresses of my life. Someone, with whom I can talk out literally everything, pester her mercilessly at any hour (irrespective of day and night), and spend each day with her, constantly chatting though we have way different fields of work. I don’t have to have a topic to kick up a conversation. I don’t have to behave smart, and I can live in fullest freedom of thought and emotions, with a constant growth in me.

This little sprite has been with me through the college, and I am proud to own her friendship since what has been 6 good years. And I chance to cherish every day I spend laughing it out with her like raving mad! sharing more serious topics, ideas of freaking out on a wayward holiday, or just mocking someone who has something to do with our humour for the moment.

Well, her name ‘happens ‘to be Harmeet, though I prefer calling her Hariya, or Harry when decency so requires. She was always there with me in college, as the most important part of my life outside. And I was too stuck up to see that. Whenever I wanted a friend by my side, she was there, when I wanted a true friend and a seriously intelligent suggestion, I had it from her. She shouted at me 1000 time for being stupid, we fought, and still loved each other anyways. She is a very precious friend for me.. With her adorable killer messages, flamboyant attitude and a nose in air for everyone who deserves that.

Something I love about her is her bohemian laughter, which she manages to bring about when I could have done something to repent later (I am sure you got the import harry). And who can forget that ‘Yo Baby Yo” as she takes up a phone call!

And man she is so cool ….
A perfectly oxymoronic person
Decided views and a random life!
Beat that !

A perky little friend,
Jumping, capering and ideas broiling in her head,
There is a true friend in you harry.
Loads of love and an ode to your friendship …


  1. OMG! m jst so so excited :)... i hv this long smile on my face while writing dis, i think this is sumthing vry precious to me n can b cherished thruout my life...
    Thanks 4 making me feel so special n loved.... mwwwwwwwaaaaah
    God bless u!

  2. Even I have very few friends yet we have a strong bonding in between us.. :) Friendship is forever.. :D

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