Saturday, March 19, 2011

When Nature Looses Rhythm….

Once there were these combating nations, impinging on each other’s territory for sole purpose of invasion and self aggrandizement. Things grew, and countries took up battalion wars on a global sphere with each other. Well, the human race is seeing a constant growth, learning new ways of disrupting the harmony. Human is such a stuck up creation of god, that it cannot learn things without a firsthand experience with death. Human brought it on against the nature with its ferocity and inclemencies. Is it really that easy to go through the nature as it cannot virtually take up arms against the human breed? Nature has its own colours, and it can show the rest of the shades, beyond the lush green.

Is not the nature’s coup evident with what happened in Japan?

Nature has its rage, and it also has more than subtle ways of expressing it, to catch us off guard. We have tried to command it with our technologies. And the nature has foiled our plans with its superior ways of platonic moments and sluicing water cutting across the boundaries drawn by us for the nature. And it will happen over and over again, across the countries and their achievements.

It was just last year when I travelled Kedar Tal, and the Ganga River was as invisible as it never existed. A project of damn constriction was up, for which the flow of water was ceased. It moved me inside profoundly to see it. The beautiful trail, with sky fathoming mountains, used to swing in the movement of the flow of River Ganga. And everything without that dynamism of stream had come to a standstill. The tall mountains appeared so scary and gothic. I wondered if there was any end to the voracious needs of human beings.

There is a rhythm in nature, which flows and speaks through symmetry. Starting from the anatomy of our body, where our breath is tuned with our feelings. We tend to breath heavy with a passion of rage, we breath slow when we are low inside. Even in the cliché of love, your other half tends to lose the heat of love, with our constant neglection. Nature has lost its rhythm with the constant atrocities it has been brought to.

Is not nature just too beautiful and adorable the way its is.......?


  1. Nature never looses its rhythm, the tsunami, the floods, the earthquakes and others are just it's ways to counter-balance the imbalance we humans and our actions have produced over the years.

  2. and when our actions get unbearably against the nature, the musical rhythm in the nature is disturbed ....

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  4. Agree to every word and pray that everything settles for the sake of humanity....

  5. thanks akshita :) @sonam.. lets hope so.....