Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Cracked Image

We identify ourselves in a mirror image. Find symmetry of our being, in the physical reflection that we see in the glass. Imagine your mirror broken by someone. And your rush to the clown mirrors (mind) of a circus (world)… where reflections (ideas and beliefs) change every moment…Where would you find yourself in this screening? Fit into someone else’s frame?

Worst you want to do with someone?
Crack his/her image.
Hurl a stone and crack it.
Let go, and ask people to mend it.
Go and try to identify with a carnival mirror,
And find ornaments in the corners.
An Adonis. An Aphrodite.
Hide a darkness of a face in the illuminated Mirror.
Rush to a Spherical Mirror!
And find symmetry in anatomy.
Hide a short height.
Hide a flat size!

Find a flat mirror,
and move far from the virtual.

A refraction of you reflections.
Reflection of the clouds of other's vapours……

Frame yourself in the silver frame of time.
Surround with flowers around with beauteous rounds.
Fit it in the silver frame of your like….
A smile caught just in time
And immortalize the pulchritude.


  1. u always cum up vid sumthin beyond my expectations... n dis is truely a reflection of one's being which i wud say is difficult in today's scenario.. u jst gt twisted n faked!

  2. Thanks Krishnan, Harry and Rachit :).. keep visiting :)