Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Virtuous Mirror

As I looked into the mirror,
It looked back at me in silence.
As i tried hard to see the things,
It beautifully revealed to me
I asked if I were beautiful
It said it was harder to find a little blemish in my flawless beauty..
I asked if I were virtuous enough
It said I was an angel
I asked if I were happy
It cracked somewhere and said I was not
I asked if I should be happy
It grew on the corners and coronated me
I was wondering and thinking to myself
I was self absorbed
Whatever I did, it was cherishing me in itself
As I adorned myself,
It was constantly taking care of me
Always around me
My lover mirror looking at me..
I shed silent tears as his love swelled in me and brimmed over
It answered everything I asked about myself
It knew how I felt all the while..
It helped me mend my broken pieces
It created in me where I was developing
My virtuous mirror,
Saw me as a princess
He made a princess of me....

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