Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monsoon Again

When hard luck n a fat chance build your way...
When it is like standing on a crater crust,
Which can spue fire any day,
You can predict
You can not commit
Better get carried to a destination
where it takes you today

A desperate urge to fly
A relentless heart to get high
Once it wanted a calm stay among shy leaves
Like waves of a restless sea,
My heart rattles and rambles this dusk.

The day I left your shadow.
I knew there would be no sunlight for me.
There is layer of dark clouds in the sky.
And the monsoon is back calling again at me


  1. and this time it will rain heavily. 'coz I'm all alone crying for you :(

  2. Very evocative as always dear ... :)may u rejoice in the spirit of the monsoons!

  3. captures the restless soul of monsoon perfectly. great post!

    keep writing,

  4. Thanks MITOSTARGAZER :) keep visiting!

  5. hey

    wen will u write sumthing new? its been ages... these are so refreshing, keep updating dear!

    Best wishes,

  6. priyanka! u still following my blog?? m so glad.. :)) atleast let me have ur e-mail id plz!