Sunday, June 26, 2011

Identities and Shadows Behind

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"A child is not a poem,
A poem is not a child.
There is no either/or.
However."- Margret Atwood
(A canvas can lodge your subtle thoughts and ideas. But you need more than a canvas to reach here)

Just to introduce myself, I am not struggling with my identity, like many others. But there are a few things that do divide me. I don’t like taking the cover on my face, and colliding my face with the mask, to give impressions of me. Yet I take to conceal myself in various ways. I know there are things which are better left unsaid or suggested. And I leave the responsibilities to the subtle strokes of my paintings. Hope you like them.

A confident smile cutting the sides of her well formed lips.

Applause followed the long perfectionist’s speech. Being a successful artist in 40s, gave a power to Momita over her senses. Confidence sells the quality in you, and even the headstrong trust in yourself for that matter. Her dad called her paintings rogue and senseless, when she first started it at the age of 14 years. But she did prove a point in favour of her art, did she not? It was the 22nd painting exhibition she was holding and…


  1. Hey sweetheart

    i am in love with your writings. Keep on updating such awesome stuff. Waiting for your novel to be published.


  2. Thanks Priyanka :) m glad u like my writings :) Keep visiting ...